Red Dead-nettle

Lamium purpureum

Family – Lamiaceae
Height ~ 30cm


Square stem – a frequent feature of species within the Lamiaceae family.

Strongly aromatic when damaged.

Corolla – zygomorphic. usually pinky purple, roughly 20mm in diameter. The corolla tube is longer than the calyx. The corolla has an upper and lower lip; the upper is hooded (convex).

Corolla has a ring of hairs near the base.

4 stamens – 2 long, 2 short.

Calyx has 5 lobes and 5 veins. The lobes are roughly equal in length to the calyx tube.


Stem = branched – can be purplish

Leaves – all petiolate. (as are the bracts) Opposite.

Leaf margin – crenate to serrate.

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