Traveller’s Joy

AKA Old man’s Beard Clematis vitalba Lots of this about at the moment – not in flower  -all gone to seed.  Great for tinder! Location – Newlands Corner Taken: 31 October, 2015 Location: 51° 13′ 44″ N 0° 31′ 14″ W

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Climbing Corydalis

Ceratocapnos claviculata

There was quite a bit of this growing at St Martha on the Hill nr Guildford.

  • Taken: 25 October, 2015

Creeping Thistle

Cirsium arvense is still persisting.  It has been flowering now for some months around the Hogsmill.

Location – Hogsmill, New Malden

Creeping thistleCreeping thistle-2

  • Taken: 21 October, 2015

Herb Robert

Geranium robertianum

Family – Geraniaceae

Herb Robert





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  • Taken: 15 October, 2015

Bristly Oxtongue

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Bristly Oxtongue – Picris echioides. Location – Bookham Common. Coarse bristles are evident.  Outer involucral bracts – large and leaf-like. Was found growing in abundance adjacent to the carpark.   The hairs on the stem (below) are T shaped. More information on Bristly Oxtongue Taken: 10 October, 2015

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